Resources Available to Download

This page contains the ReQol resources that you can use within your organisation to enable the implementation of the measures in routine practice. New resources will be added here as they become available. To view and download the resource simply click on the image.

 ReQoL Film This is the ReQoL film, duration 6 minutes 40 secs.

Visual Summary Document The visual summary provides some useful information on ReQoL presented in a very accessible format. It may not print very well and if you would like printed copies to be posted to you, please email us at

Information for Clinicians

Remote use of ReQol-10 and ReQoL-20  This document gives instructions for using ReQoL during remote clinical contacts.

Clinician Notes  This document is aimed at clinicians and other health care professionals.

How to Interpret ReQoL Scores; This guidance document explains how to interpret ReQoL-10 and ReQoL-20 scores.

ReQoL 10 Scoring Guide; This  guidance document explains the calculation of scores for ReQoL-10.

ReQoL 20 Scoring Guide; This  guidance document explains the calculation of scores for ReQoL-20.

Information for Service Users

Training Materials

ReQoL Training Pack  A simple training pack outlining ‘What is ReQoL?’, ‘Why Use ReQoL?’ and How to Use ReQoL.

ReQoL presentations for Trusts  Video recorded by Lizzie Taylor Buck (duration 9 minutes) that you are free to use in your meetings or training sessions. The slides used in the video above are also available below.
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Information from the Westminster launch on 12th October 2016

John Brazier 
(University of Sheffield)
(NHS England)

David Churchman  (Oxford Outcomes Innovation)
(University of Sheffield)

Notes from the implementation workshop at the Westminster launch on October 12th