ReQoL-UI preference weights

ReQoL-UI preference weights

Recovering Quality of Life Utility Index (ReQoL-UI) is the preference-based measure from ReQoL-10 and ReQoL-20. ReQoL-UI consists of six mental health items and one physical health item contained in both ReQoL-10 and ReQoL-20.  Therefore, preference weights can be calculated from both ReQoL-10 and ReQoL-20.  Preference weights for the UK were estimated from a sample of 305 from the UK general population using the time trade-off method and utilities range from -0.195 to 1. 

The peer-reviewed publication detailing this work is as follows: 

Keetharuth A.D., Rowen D., Bjorner J., Brazier J (2020)  Estimating a Preference-Based Index for mental health from the Recovering Quality of Life (ReQoL) measure: Valuation of ReQoL-UI. Value in Health.

The algorithms to calculate ReQoL-UI utilities are available in Excel, SPSS and STATA.  They are available from Oxford University Innovation using the following link: click here

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